at Kualoa Ranch


Who will be the next rising star?

The XTERRA RUN STAR Kualoa Trail Run is designed to give you an unforgettable experience at one of Hawaii’s most stunning nature reserves. Part of the course will have a movie theme, featuring entertainment stations highlighting some of the greatest movies filmed at Kualoa. These include the 1966 Elvis Presley film “Paradise, Hawaiian Style”, “Jurassic Park”, “50 First Dates”, “Hawaii Five-O”, “Pearl Harbor”and “Godzilla”.

You will see great costumes, take memorable pictures and even walk the red carpet! And who knows, you might end up winning an Oscar for your performance!

For our advanced runners we offer a very technical 20K and 30K course. The longer distances will take you through jungle paths, over river beds and past stunning scenic view points.


Kids Fun Run

A short 800m(est.) fun run with special goodies for the children.

5K Fun Run (3.1 miles)

Movie themed course with entertainment stations along the way. Level: Beginners

5K Fun Run Relay (5 runners)

Gather a group of 5 and 1 person runs for free. Level: Beginners

10K Fun Run (6.2 miles)

Double the distance, double the fun with additional entertainment stations along the way. Level: Intermediate

20K (12.5 miles)

Technical Half Marathon Trail Run. Level: Advanced

30K (18.6 miles)

Recommended for the highly skilled trail runners.

Entry Fees

Race Early 1/1-2/29 General 3/1-6/12 Late 6/13-6/18
Kids Fun Run
free free $15
5K Fun Run
$30 $35 $45
5K Relay (5ppl) 1 runs for free $120 $140 $180
10K Fun Run
$35 $40 $50
20K $50 $55 $65
Military 20K (ID required)
$45 $50 $60
30K $55 $60 $70
Military 30K (ID required)
$50 $55 $65